Architects & Contractors

Feel at ease with our expertise of high quality full-concept service of material choice, fabrication and on site assembly of your projects in the field of architectural aluminium and glass.

Whether you are involved in a renovation or a new build project that requires;

  • Glass façade systems
  • Aluminium and PVC windows and doors
  • Movable glazing systems
  • Glass roofs
  • Automatic and industrial doors, fire doors
  • Glass or aluminium railing systems
  • Office separator glazing,
  • Façade cladding of industrial stone, composite panels or terracotta

we provide you with the optimum solution you need, from design to planning, and from fabrication to installation on site.


What we can do for you?

  • Initially, we analyze your project needs and customer demands thoroughly.
  • Our technical team suggests the best suitable materials and on-site applications that will make the best value for your budget and design expectations.
  • After together choosing the material, our team closely works together with your project team in order to decide on the best on-site installation. Then technical drawings and visuals are provided.
  • We prepare the cost analysis and time schedule sensitively, starting from material procurement, following by fabrication and all on-site installation processes.
  • After the contract is signed, project management steps come into play. Our project supervisor is in close contact with your team during the whole process and makes the revisions if required.
  • We complicate fabrication of materials according to the project plans and then they are transported to construction site.
  • Then our professional on-site team begins installation with an attentive work just as your customer expects and execution of strict quality control.
  • Our job is not finished until you deliver the project to your customer and %100 customer satisfaction is obtained. Our related project supervisor works in coordination with your team within the whole process to guarantee the desired results.

It is obvious that in order to ensure success in such projects; a good planning, professional team work and sensitive workmanship is needed from start to finish. The whole process from project sketch till obtaining a happy customer is a long process that is full of challenges, so it deserves to be handled professionally and in detail. That’s why you need to work with the right solution partner who is best at understanding your needs, gets full responsibility at their side and has technical and professional competency as well.